Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

With 35 years of excellent performance and a proven track record, it has become apparent to us at Park City Painting that the greatest value and most cost-effective system for preserving exterior building surfaces is a planned and ongoing painting and staining maintenance and repairs program.

Some surfaces need annual maintenance while other surfaces may not require maintenance for years. Customizing a yearly maintenance program that addresses these variables will mitigate costly and unnecessary repairs while preserving the integrity and beauty of your property. Park City Painting’s focus is cost benefit return: we will save you money and provide superior maintenance while enhancing your bottom line by helping you maintain and increase the value of your property.

How designing your maintenance program works:

  • Schedule an initial meeting
  • Interview and consult with the owners/managers
  • Determine immediate, intermediate, and long-term objectives
  • Cost analyze value enhancement program
  • Limited Retainer Agreement
  • On-site evaluation
  • Schedule the timetables
  • Prioritize steps/actions
  • Create work quality and process standards
  • Detailed contract proposal
  • Accept/modify proposal
  • Plan implementation and payment schedule 

Park City Painting is offering to help you attain your objectives of maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your homes and buildings. Month after month, year after year, Park City Painting will amortize the maintenance costs for re-coating the exterior surfaces of your homes and buildings so as to avoid excessive and painful assessments and cash outlays. Park City Painting’s customized maintenance program will cost effectively maintain, preserve and enhance your home or building’s value.

A customized exterior maintenance program can be tailored for each specific residential and commercial structure. For example, the exterior surfaces of home sand building deteriorate differently through the seasons and over time. Exposure to environmental factors like sun, snow, ice, sprinklers or substrates with vertical and horizontal surfaces create different maintenance requirements. Contact us or call us directly at 435-649-4455 for more information today!

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