Door Staining For Your Park City Property

A front door that looks nice can set the style and feel of the property. Park City Painting can improve your doors with our door staining services. Natural wood doors are a great option for both the interior and exterior doors in your home. Staining doors protects them from the elements and daily wear while enhancing their beauty. Turn to our painters in Park City, UT to make your house look inviting and elegant with our door staining services.   


Routine maintenance is important for your wood front door and interior doors because they undergo a lot of use and are exposed to the elements and regular use all year long. An unprotected door will start to show rot and damage, and eventually the paint on a painted door will chip and start to peel off. Door staining provides a barrier that withstands use and lasts from one season to the next. Park City Painting can put that perfect finishing touch on your home with our painting and staining services in the Park City area. Our professional painters use top-of-the-line products and stains with each job we undertake. 

What To Do To Stained Doors To Make Them Look Nice?

Stained doors (garage or front doors) are a beautiful addition to any home because they fit well with any architectural style. Wood is very porous, so stain permeates the surface of the door and enhances the grain, which provides a richer color. In addition to improving the look of the door, stains protect wood from harsh sunlight and moisture. Professionally stained doors are a popular choice for many homeowners in Summit County because they want to improve the appearance of their home and maintain the architectural style Park City is known for.

Even if the doors in your home were previously painted, are chipped or need a fresh appearance, Park City Painters is ready to extend the lifespan of your wood doors and enhance their beauty. 

This is the door staining process we generally adhere to for completing any job in Park City, UT:

  • Try to leave the door on the hinges
  • Sand rough areas
  • Apply various premium stains to help maintain it’s protection

Park City Pros!

For 45 years, Park City Painting has provided an excellent customer service experience and superior staining services throughout Summit County. Utah experiences every season, from dry hot summers to freezing, wet winters. Your front door needs to withstand all the elements and remain looking good too. Our front door staining company uses products that increase the wood’s ability to resist water penetration, mold growth, and repel wood damaging insects. For wooden doors, stains are a versatile option because they treat the wood. Stains don’t crack, peel, or allow for rot as easily as paint.   

Should I Stain My Doors?

Although wood is a substantial material, it is also susceptible to damage from rain, snow, and termites. Our door staining company uses products that help the wood resist discoloration and pests. Park City Painting is experienced in restoring wood and uses deep tones that bring out the wood’s natural texture. Our skilled painters provide professional interior & exterior door and front deck staining for homeowners across the Park City, UT area. Allow us to increase the appeal of your home and potentially the value of your home.

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Whether we stain your interior doors or you choose to use our front door staining services, you will be satisfied with the results. In Park City, UT you can select from various options, from clear coats to bold solid colors and two-tone stains. Call us today at 435-649-4455 or 435-783-5455 and speak to a professional. We are ready and available to stain your wood doors. 

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