Why You Need a Paint Maintenance Plan

Nothing refreshes a building’s appearance like a coat of fresh paint. In addition to the attractive aesthetics, paint protects surfaces from the elements. Unfortunately, humidity, rain, rot, sunlight, and daily wear-and-tear cause damage to the finish over time, reducing both the attractiveness and protectiveness of the paint. A painting maintenance plan helps to address these issues.

Park City’s Maintenance Painting Program

Some paint surfaces require annual maintenance and others might not need maintenance for several years. By creating a custom scheduled maintenance program based on personal variables, you can simultaneously eliminate unnecessary, costly repairs and preserve the beauty of your property. At Park City Painting, we will provide exceptional maintenance service while saving you money with a focus on cost-benefit return that helps your bottom line.

Who Can Benefit from a Paint Maintenance Program

The needs of every business are unique due to the building’s horizontal or vertical substrates and exposure to a variety of environmental factors, such as snow, sun, wind, rain, and ice. Businesses that can benefit most from a customized, scheduled paint maintenance program with Park City Painting include the following:

  • Homeowners Associations
  • Property Management Companies (including apartment complexes, condominiums, etc.)
  • Commercial Businesses (including ski resorts, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, etc.)

How to Design a Custom Maintenance Program

Park City Painting can help you design a personalized maintenance program to meet the customized needs of your business. Here’s how the process works:

  • You schedule a consultation meeting
  • Together, we determine immediate, short-term, and long-term objectives
  • Together, we review the cost analysis value enhancement program
  • We implement a Limited Retainer Agreement
  • We conduct an on-site evaluation
  • We create and prioritize timetables and action steps
  • We create process and quality standards
  • We present a detailed contract proposal
  • You accept or modify the proposal
  • We plan the project implementation and payment schedule

How the Amortization Program Works

Park City Painting wants to assist you with the maintenance of your homes and buildings to ensure they retain their beauty and integrity over the years. With a monthly maintenance program or yearly maintenance program, we can help you avoid excessive cash outlays and assessments by amortizing the costs of re-painting exterior surfaces.

By creating an exterior paint maintenance program customized to the specific needs of your business, you can ensure that your properties are enhanced and protected in the most appropriate ways. Contact the experts at Park City Painting at 435-649-4455 for more information.

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